Surgical Staples Lawsuit

surgical staples lawsuit

Surgical staples are an alternative to conventional sutures used in many different types of surgeries. Unfortunately, these staples can cause organ damage and internal bleeding. The FDA has now published research on the harmful side effects of surgical staples, and manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, and Covidien have responded by releasing information about the products and settling pending lawsuits. These lawsuits have helped raise awareness about the dangers associated with surgical staples.

Surgical staplers are an alternative to conventional sutures

A surgical stapler is a medical device used during surgery that combines high tension with a tiny opening. It is an excellent alternative to sutures in several ways. One advantage of surgical staplers is that they reduce the amount of time needed for a procedure, and they can be removed with a staple remover after the surgery. It can be more difficult to remove a staple than a traditional suture, but the process is still quicker and less painful than a suture.

They are used in a number of surgeries

Surgical staples are a type of fastener that is used Ethicon Surgical Stapler Recall in several types of surgeries. Most often, they are used to close deep wounds that cannot be closed with sutures. Surgical staples are often used to close wounds in the abdomen, leg, arm, and scalp. They should not be used for wounds on the face, neck, or feet, as these areas can be difficult to close with sutures.

They can cause internal bleeding and organ damage

A surgeon using a surgical stapler to close a wound may be negligent. A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed in Maryland to recover damages for the injuries caused by the stapler. It may be possible to recover damages for the decedent’s funeral expenses and medical expenses. Depending on the circumstances, the wrongful death case may include lost income and medical expenses from the victim’s past treatments. Surgical staple injuries can also cause long-term consequences for the patient, including rehabilitation, therapy, and treatment.

They are manufactured by Ethicon

As a leading manufacturer of medical devices, Ethicon has faced numerous recalls. This one is related to surgical staple products. However, this particular recalled product has been linked to severe side effects, including the development of malformed staples. Malformed staples are an extremely serious concern because they can delay the healing process or even cause death. Surgical staples are widely used in a number of procedures.

They are linked to a number of lawsuits

Surgical staples are linked to a large number of lawsuits, including those filed by victims of an improperly inserted or discarded staple. These staples can cause a variety of side effects, including pain, infection, and even death. There are many different types of lawsuits, including medical malpractice claims against physicians and manufacturers of the stapling devices. A skilled attorney can help victims of surgical staple injuries file a lawsuit against the manufacturer to recover damages. These damages can include medical expenses, past and future lost income, pain, and suffering.

They are subject to mass tort laws

If you’ve had a serious injury from a faulty surgical stapler, you may be eligible for compensation. Staplers are often used in place of sutures, but the staplers that doctors use during surgery can malfunction, causing internal bleeding and serious complications. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a surgical stapler, you should consider seeking the advice of a mass torts attorney. There are two types of surgical staplers: reusable and disposable. The smaller ones are similar to office staplers.

They are regulated by the FDA

The FDA regulates surgical staples. Specifically, the agency requires that staples pass through a special testing procedure to ensure their biocompatibility. This testing includes biocompatibility endpoints such as cytotoxicity, irritation, sensitization, and genotoxicity. The FDA has proposed changing the way surgical staples are regulated to ensure the safety of consumers. In addition, surgical staples may soon need to undergo special labeling.