San Gabriel Park Continues to Be a Vibrant Hub for Community Gatherings

A gem among Georgetown’s many parks, San Gabriel Park offers a place of respite with 200-year old oak trees and open fields. It is home to a hike and bike trail that connects to other parks and Lake Georgetown, and provides a venue for concerts and festivals. With a variety of activities for the whole family, it is a place that residents and visitors treasure.

With the recent completion of Phase III renovations, the park is poised to continue to be a vibrant hub for community gatherings. The centerpiece of this phase is a festival space, allowing the park to host annual events such as the Two Step Inn Festival and other celebrations throughout the year. In addition, the reimagined sports field and former rodeo arena will provide multi-use space for other community events such as the Georgetown Field of Honor and Juneteenth celebrations.

Throughout this phase, the City has worked hard to minimize disruptions and to keep the majority of the park open during construction. The new festival space, playgrounds, a skate park and other improvements will allow people to continue to enjoy the amenities that they have always loved about the park.

The City has also restored three springs and will work to ensure the long-term health of the watershed. This will provide an opportunity to attract wildlife and enhance the natural experience for the community.

In addition, the park will be getting a new concrete skate park that will include street elements like grinding rails and ramps. This is a much-needed amenity for the city, as the only skate park in the area is located inside of an old batting cage and is not conducive to public use.

Another exciting project is the addition of a splash plaza to the park. The splash pad will be designed to look and feel different than other splash pads in the region, incorporating a natural aesthetic while still incorporating fun interactive features. This will be a great way for the city to keep Georgetown’s young population active, as well as appeal to families with children.

The reimagined sports field and former Rodeo Arena will also feature a new multi-use turf surface, making the park a more versatile venue for various events. In addition to being able to accommodate more events, the new turf will be easier to maintain than previous surfaces.

With a 2 mile less popular white gravel path trail, georgetown san gabriel park is a good option for beginner bikers and hikers. This trail takes an average of 8 minutes to complete and offers a moderate overall physical rating.

With the renovations that have been completed so far, the City is looking forward to introducing more phases of improvements for the beloved park. RVi is proud to be a part of this process and looks forward to working with the City to make Georgetown’s San Gabriel Park even better for years to come.