Pre-Employment Medical Test

You’ve finally made it through to the final stages of the recruitment process, after multiple interviews and a number of other steps. But before you start your new job, you’ll need to pass a pre-employment medical test. It might sound intimidating but don’t worry, it’s actually a really important step that will help you keep safe and healthy at work.

A pre-employment medical, also known as a pre-placement Pre-Employment Medical Test by Medsana Medical Clinic medical, is an examination that can be carried out by a doctor or nurse to see whether an employee is fit for their role. This can include a variety of tests, depending on the role, from strength and vision to a heart health test.

Some jobs, such as heavy vehicle driving and rail safety roles, have specific legislative requirements to ensure employees meet national standards. While other roles, like office-based positions, may also require a health check to ensure that the employee can carry out their duties effectively and safely.

What are they looking for?

Typically, the doctor or nurse will perform a general pre-employment medical and look at your weight, height, blood pressure and temperature. They’ll also look at your lungs and heart and may take your blood sample. They’ll ask you questions about any existing medical conditions you have and how they are managed.

Then, the doctor or nurse will examine your eyes and ears. They’ll take your blood pressure again and will listen to your heart with a stethoscope. They’ll then assess your range of movement, flexibility and reflexes. They might also ask you to read letters from an eye chart to check your vision.

Some roles will also require a urine or saliva drug screening. This is to make sure that you’re not taking any illegal drugs or have an adverse health condition that could hinder your performance in the role.

Psychological assessments are also often required for high-risk roles and can involve a number of different tests and questionnaires. This can check how well you cope with stress, your ability to deal with change and how prone you are to depression or anxiety.

You’ll then receive your report from the doctor or nurse and you’ll be asked to sign off on it. Depending on the result of your medical, you may need to make some changes to your lifestyle or the way you do your job. This isn’t a pass/fail exam – it simply allows the doctor or nurse to make recommendations for you, so that you can work safely and efficiently in your new role.

Generally, you’ll need to take the PEME at an American Club approved clinic and have the original copy of it with a security hologram validated sticker affixed before you can apply for any jobs. The report will then be forwarded to your hiring agency. If you have any questions about the process, contact your human resources department.