How to Find Reputable Moving Companies

Many people hire moving companies to help make their relocation smoother. While this can be expensive, there are many benefits to hiring a professional mover that can offset the costs. Among the most important are that it relieves stress and prevents accidents like back injuries, hernias, or smashing fingers while lifting heavy items. It also helps save time and money by taking away the burden of packing and transporting items from one place to another, which can be a very tedious process.

To find a good moving company, customers should research online and call companies¬†huntsville al moving companies to get customized quotes and book services. They should ask each company what their cancellation policy is and how close to the expected move date they can cancel if necessary. They should also check whether a company requires a deposit and how much they’ll get back on their deposit if they cancel or change the move, as this is important information to know ahead of time.

For NYC moves in particular, customers should be aware of city rules and regulations. For example, the city requires that all movers have a license, be insured and carry minimum liability insurance of $50,000 per occurrence. This protects both the customer and the moving company. Customers should also look at the add-ons that each moving company offers, such as storage solutions and specialty packing.

When researching different moving companies, it’s important to compare pricing. A reliable company will give a detailed estimate after visiting the home to survey the amount of goods being moved. It’s a red flag if a company is unable to provide an in-home estimate or offers a generalized quote over the phone, as this indicates a scam or incompetence.

Additionally, it’s wise to ask a moving company about its insurance policies and how much coverage the customer can expect with each package. It’s common for reputable companies to offer extra coverage to cover delicate or valuable items. Finally, customers should be wary of a moving company that requests a large down payment upfront, as this is often a sign that the business is fraudulent or unlicensed.

For interstate moves, it’s best to choose a company that has both an MC and DOT number. This will ensure that the moving company is licensed to transport goods within state lines, which is required for interstate moves. Customers can verify a mover’s MC and DOT numbers by searching them on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. It’s also a good idea to contact the mover’s headquarters and verify their DOT number to ensure that they are legitimate. This will avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that the customer receives proper service. It’s also a good idea for customers to ask about any additional charges that they might face, such as extra mileage or fuel surcharges if the move is during a busy time of year. This will allow them to plan accordingly. Also, if the customer is planning to self-pack their belongings, they should be sure that the moving company provides proper materials and assistance.