Brescia’s Food and Nutrition program has earned a reputation for being among the best in the country

Brescia is a private, all-women’s university. It is located on beautiful grounds next to The University of Western Ontario. Founded in 2000 by Ursuline Sisters of Chatham, the college has grown to over 1,200 students on a full-time and part-time basis. Brescia’s Food and Nutrition program is a popular degree program. Those who earn a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition will be prepared for careers in the food industry. Moreover, students can also enroll in a graduate program to become Registered Dietitians in Canada.

Students in the program will learn about food production and the role that food plays in a healthy community. They will also study the impact that the food industry has on the global community. Through this program, they will also gain hands-on experience working with local farmers and manufacturers. In addition, they will have the opportunity to join a number of clubs like Nutrition Ignition, FRESH, and more. These clubs help students build a network with other peers. Lastly, they will participate in volunteer opportunities in their communities. This will strengthen their resume when they apply for internship programs.

Brescia’s Food and Nutrition program has earned a reputation for being among the best in the country. The program has a strong academic foundation and allows students to explore a variety of nutrition concepts. Among them, students will learn about the chemical composition of food, as well as the cultural influences on food habits. Throughout the course, they will also work with a dietitian, as they develop their skills in evaluating the nutritional merits of different foods.

Faculty members are dedicated to providing a quality learning environment for students. Brescia’s food and nutrition program is accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice, which prepares graduates to work as Registered Dietitians in Canada. Graduates of the program will also be able to complete a practicum recognized by the partnership.

Brescia’s Food and nutrition program has been praised by renowned professors. One of these professors is Avanelle Kirksey, who teaches at Purdue University in Indiana. Another is Dr. Stephanie Atkinson, who was recently awarded the Carmelle Murphy Alumnae Award of Distinction. Moreover, the Danone Institute has recognized Brescia’s Food and Nutrition program with the Distinguished Nutrition Leadership Award.

Brescia’s faculty and staff are committed to helping students succeed in their academic careers. Moreover, students who apply for scholarships are awarded based on merit and need. Scholarships are also available to international students.

Located on the campus of Brescia, the Academic Pavilion provides a modern, upscale facility for the Food and Nutritional Sciences program. Students can benefit from a range of facilities, including the large open-concept dining hall. Additionally, students can enjoy a wide selection of menu options, including Italian dishes, salad stations, and more. Moreover, the facility has en suite glass showers and kitchens, as well as big-screen TVs and bar fridges.

Brescia’s Food and nutritional program is also known for its interactive curriculum. Through hands-on experiences and classroom interaction, students will learn the importance of nutrition and how it affects the world.