Big Truck Towing Services

A big truck towing company can be very useful in a variety of circumstances. Big rig trucks carry important cargo and are often immobile in certain situations. A big truck towing company will be able to extract the equipment from the road and move it to a safe location. This type of towing company can be particularly helpful in accident-related situations where a big rig can no longer move on its own. They can also offer safety aids like flares at night.

Wheel-lift tow trucks

If you need a big truck towed, you can call wheel-lift tow trucks to do the job. They can fit into tighter parking spaces, and are much cheaper than flatbed towing. They also use metal yokes instead of chains, so they don’t damage cars as much. They’re also more suitable for towing cars that need repair work.

These trucks have evolved from hook-and-chain tow trucks. Instead of chains and hooks, wheel-lift tow trucks use a metal yoke to hook under the drive wheels of the vehicle, then lift it using a hydraulic hoist. The disadvantage of this type of towing is that they don’t offer the same level of protection as flatbed trucks.

Hook and chain tow trucks

A hook and chain tow truck is a classic example of a tow truck. It uses a steel hook and chain to lift a vehicle off the ground. The hook is attached to the vehicle’s axle or bumper. The vehicle is then hooked to the tow truck with a towbar. Chains may damage the vehicle’s body, so the hook and chain tow truck is not recommended for all-wheel drive vehicles.

A hook and chain tow truck is not as safe as a wheel-lift truck, but it is a great option if you have a big truck. Wheel-lift trucks use a metal yoke instead of chains and cause less damage to the vehicle. They are perfect for repo trucks and snatch trucks, because they let workers get in and out of the vehicle quickly. They also aren’t as safe as a protected flatbed truck, but they are very inexpensive.

Integrated towing trucks

Integrated towing trucks are specifically designed for heavy-duty towing. They typically have an integrated boom and extra axle for increased stability. These trucks are able to tow large rigs and even buses! Moreover, their integrated design means that the truck can accommodate much larger loads than the tow truck can.

Moreover, these tow trucks can be fitted with big truck towing cranes for easier recovery of vehicles in ditches. These trucks are valuable in urban settings and can be utilized in emergency situations.

Semi-truck towing companies

Towing a semi-truck requires special equipment, professional handling, and trained operators. Because these trucks can be expensive to purchase and maintain, it is essential to choose a towing company with experience in this type of work. Also, it is important to choose a company that offers customer service. A company that demonstrates these qualities will be able to respond to your needs quickly and avoid causing further damage to your vehicle.

Towing heavy vehicles requires specialized training, and most companies will claim to offer this service. However, tow trucks with large loads requires special licenses and hands-on experience. This is why it is important to find a company with experienced and licensed technicians with a wide range of equipment.