An English Degree Online in Canada Can Open Doors to a Number of In-Dependent Careers

When it comes to pursuing an english degree online in Canada, there are a variety of options. Whether you want to study for an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can find a program that fits your needs at one of the country’s many online universities.

An English degree can lead to a number of in-demand careers, including journalist, grant writer, secondary English teacher and technical writer. These jobs require strong written and verbal communication skills. Employers also value strong critical thinking, research, and analytical interpretation skills.

Students who choose an English degree online can learn how to interpret texts and write for a wide range of audiences. The curriculum of an english degree online program may include courses in the humanities and social sciences, as well as math and science.

Athabasca University, located in Alberta, is an institution with a rich history in distance learning. This university focuses on undergraduate degrees in the arts and sciences, as well as business and engineering, and offers several online degree programs.

The university is also the first to implement cloud education, using read more Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve access to its online programs for students and learners in remote communities across the country. Aside from a growing number of online degree programs, the university also offers professional development courses and certificate programs for working professionals, including an agile project management course.

TELUQ, based in Quebec, is the only French-language online university in North America and delivers 430 courses across 125 programs. It has a diverse student body, with 18,000 remote learners attending classes each year.

Laurentian University, an Ontario-based institution that serves a large number of Indigenous students, has an extensive menu of online degrees and programs. It offers a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as MBA and primary care nurse practitioner M.Sc. certificates and diplomas.

A bachelor’s degree in English can open doors to a career as a journalist, grant writer, secondary English teacher or technical writer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% increase in the job outlook for these positions from 2018-2028.

You can find an English degree online in Canada at a variety of institutions, from small community colleges to large public universities. Choosing the right degree is a matter of personal preference, and you should consult an admissions advisor to determine which program best suits your career goals and interests.

Waterloo College, a popular choice among Canadian students, offers both a regular and co-op bachelor of arts in English. You can choose from a wide range of courses in the field, including poetry and drama, literary analysis, film and digital media studies, and contemporary writing.

Alternatively, you can choose an English degree online at Queen’s, where you can explore writers like Shakespeare and Austen as well as contemporary works from a variety of perspectives. You can also take a course in rhetoric and communication, where you will examine the art of persuasion and apply this knowledge to different types of digital media.