Accurate Auto Repair in Hillsboro, Oregon

The fifth largest city in Oregon, Hillsboro is home to Intel’s larger corporate campus than its headquarters in Silicon Valley and draws many high-tech companies to its educated workforce. The town also has many parks, walkable neighborhoods and great shopping and local restaurants. Rolling farmland grows a variety of crops and attracts visitors for pumpkin and berry picking. Located just off Tualatin Valley Highway, the Hillsboro Accurate Auto Repair location provides five-star service to customers in this area.

An automobile repair shop is a facility used for the maintenance, servicing and repair of motor vehicles or major recreational equipment. Auto Auto Repair Hillsboro shops may specialize in certain areas, such as body and fender work, engine overhauling, or paint and wash services. Generally, these facilities have automotive mechanics and a customer interface, traditionally called a service advisor.

The Mechanics at Accurate Auto in Hillsboro have a longstanding reputation for quality and customer service. Their technicians are certified to repair all makes and models of cars and trucks, including hybrids and electric vehicles. They are experts in transmission and electrical systems, as well as the other intricate parts of modern vehicles. They are equipped with state-of-the-art computer diagnostics, and offer a warranty on most repairs.

How do I know if my vehicle needs a wheel alignment?
Uneven tire wear, steering issues, or a vehicle pulling to one side are indicators of a potential need for wheel alignment. Hillsboro’s Auto Repair specialists can assess and address alignment concerns effectively.

Is it necessary to use genuine parts for repairs?
Using genuine parts is recommended for optimal performance and longevity. Our Auto Repair services in Hillsboro prioritize the use of authentic, high-quality parts for all repairs.